Controller C3000


    The specialized controller C3000 is a platform for operations requiring high speed processing of external signals.



Controller C3000




  • The controller has high perfomance - up to 210 DMIPS


  • All discrete inputs, outputs and digital interfaces of the controller are fully electrically isolated.


  • The controller has a non-volatile EEPROM memory of 256KB, FLASH memory of 4Mb, real-time clocks. 


  • Controller has an I/O extension connector and a connector serial bus
























Power supply:

  • The controller power supply - DC 12-24V.


  Digital interfaces:
  • Electrically isolated RS485. The maximum data transfer rate up to 1Mbps.
  • Ethernet 100Mb
  • USB host/device


  Feedback interfaces:
  • Three electrically isolated interface for an incremental encoder. The maximum input frequency up to 10 Mhz.


    Analog inputs:
  • Eight universal analog inputs.  


  Digital inputs:
  • Eight electrically isolated digital inputs, voltage 24V.
  • One electrically isolated frequency input, 5V.


  Digital outputs:
  • Three relay outputs (NO / NC). Load: ~ 10A / 250V, -8A / 250V
  • Five electrically isolated digital outputs